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“The road to success is always under construction”

testing room

Classroom Block - $20,000

Failure to invest in infrastructure is a failure to sustain and develop our social and economic wellbeing. So many kids in Uganda want to attend school yet, the lack of actual school buildings means some children walk for miles to the nearest class or meet under a tree to attend class. We can do better. Integrity needs 1 classroom block built per year, to keep up with demand.

Teacher Housing Unit

Teacher Housing - $28,000

Housing for the teachers is essential to retain quality educators. Each housing unit has 8 rooms and is supplied with a set of bunk beds, a table and a chair. Water is collected off the roof and the well is nearby. This unit is full. In 2016 a new housing unit will be needed so we can expand to offer 6th grade.

kitchen from LC

Food Storage Building - $6,500

A secure building with shelving is needed for food storage with a large covered porch for additional seating during lunch for the students. It will also be used to store the larger cooking pots and equipment for the kitchen.


Play Areas with equipment - $ unknown

In order to get accreditation for Integrity Primary School there must be areas of play for the different age groups. A soccer field is required to the boys, a Netball Court for the girls and a Playground for the young children. Play and sports give a well rounded education as they have cognitive, social and physical developmental benefits.

Dormitories - $ unknown

 Once our school is completed and certified, dormitories will be built for male and female students. Often we find children that are being neglected or the parents can't afford to keep them or that the students walk an hour to school each way. Boarding is the logical next step to help these students. Bathrooms and rooms for the “House Parents” will also be required.

Most urgent building needs in order of importance

$6500 is needed, to build a secure food storage building with additional seating.

$8000 is needed in order to complete the Teachers Housing unit for 2016.

$12000 will finish the security fencing around the active compound.


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Building in Nabisoto brings jobs to the community and improves the economy. Workers come from several surrounding villages to work on our projects. Materials are also sourced locally whenever possible.

100% of your donation goes to Uganda. US workers are volunteers and US expenses are covered by the founders. All donations are tax deductible. ITFM is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, tax ID 20-0505188

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